Friday, October 31, 2008

The Hoosiers

In the middle of three days off (including Saturday) and having a great time. Went to see The Hoosiers on Wednesday night at Rivermead in Reading with Catrina and the boys. The Hoosiers lead singer, Irwin Sparkes, was in the Kerith youth group many years ago when Catrina and I were helping to lead it. I love seeing live music and they were a great example of live music at its best! The went off to Chessington World of Adventures yesterday, going swimming with the family a bit later today, then off with the boys to see the new James Bond film tonight. It's been so relaxing I even found time to chop some logs yesterday (my wood splitting axe is the best tool in the world) and light the fire in our living room for the first time in ages.

Hope to catch you all Sunday morning for the next bit of on rebuilding the walls. Listen to it on the podcast if you miss it.
Simon (the relaxed!).

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