Saturday, October 4, 2008

An Incredible Day One

Well it's 7.45 on day the morning of day 2 of the Willow Leadership Summit - the photo is of the band doing the sound check for today. I love being part of this conference for so many reasons. The quality of the speakers. The incredible serving heart of our people - I'm so proud of everyone involved! God speaking so clearly. Our fantastic singers, musicians and tech team.
I went for a meal with the Lithuanians and Albanians and they were just overwhelmed by it all.
Can't wait for today!


Anonymous said...

I am still buzzing from this weekends conference and the whole experience of serving alongside so many from our 'church family', organised so thoroughly by Sue Ranger!

The stage design was so well done that you really did feel the speakers were there in person!
Our musicians were just awesome!

If anyone didn't get along to this event, make sure you book in for next year!

Thank you!

Sandra said...

the feeling is very mutual...I was overwhelmed this year by the amount of encouragement we got as servers from our own servers a true team effort. It's a fantastic place to be, bring it on...!!

Anonymous said...

Having volunteered to help at this event.....I subsequently moaned quite a bit about the 7.15am start (ok I'm now ashamed but just being 'real'!)

However, I am very pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the day, great being part of a huge professional team and the speakers were excellent and totally inspiring - particularly LOVED Catherine Rohr - how fantastic it would be to feel you're giving something back to the world like this! She obviously truly loves what she does.

Any people out there who chose not to go because they thought it was just for 'leaders', I would definitely encourage you to go along next year - the talks are excellent for anyone in any walk of life.

I shall definitely make it a date in my diary for next year, remembering that the early start is all worth it!


Anonymous said...

ditto to all comments...being a part of the serving team was a great be recommended to everyone..
plus the added bonus of getting to hear some truly inspirational speakers....

Anonymous said...

oops...forgot to add the anonymous comment was from
irene m.!!!!

Simon Benham said...

Thanks for all the comments - I so appreciate you all serving and hope as you say loads more of our people will book in for next year.