Monday, October 13, 2008

Ready, Fire, Aim

The title comes from last nights Vision Night where I talked about us being one church with three Sunday meetings from 11th January 2009. Highlights of what we're going to be doing are:
  • The meetings will start at 9am, 11am and 7pm
  • Each meeting will be an hour and twenty minutes long
  • There will be childrens work for the two morning meetings
  • Children can be dropped off up to 10 minutes before the start of each of the morning meetings
  • We'll serve tea and coffee and run connect between the two morning meetings and after the second morning meeting
  • We will look at having the children come in for the adult worship at some times during the year
  • There will also be youth work as part of our morning gatherings
  • Initially only the 11am meeting will have signing for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • For most of the year we'll have the same preach at all three meetings, although there will be some Sundays where the morning and the evening will have a different preach
  • Lee Layton-Matthews will be gathering a team to oversee the evening meeting, possibly looking at running a coffee bar both before and after the meeting
  • We'll open the balcony from day one of the evening meeting starting in anticipation of growing a big Sunday evening meeting
  • We're still hoping to have Hilltop (our group for adults with learning disabilities) join with us once a month on a Sunday evening

I'm so excited by the opportunity these three meetings are going to give us to grow. I realise that there is still lots of detail to be worked out, but we've got a great team working on how having done the fire bit we now do the aim! I'm going to speak on the morning of 26th October on Nehemiah rebuilding the walls and what we can learn from that about the journey we're on. Why not start reading it in advance of the 26th.

Hope you have a great week,



Anonymous said...

Church Vision Night was great, full of hopes and dreams, based on God's promises, and grounded completely in Him.

I just wanted to add that it is so exciting to be a part of this adventure, and to have such an inspiring leader whose not afraid to be honest and vulnerable,

good job!!!


Unknown said...

A few things I've learnt from Nehemiah recently are that there will always be 'kings' on all sides ridiculing or disagreeing with what you're doing and that when building church you have to have a shovel AND a sword in hand.

Sounds like a real time of stepping up and out in faith! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon. I just wanted to say that I feel so privileged to be a part of this church...particularly after attending the Vision Night on Sunday evening. It is so exciting, all the fantastic things that we are involved in - really out there doing 'stuff'!! The Serenje project is so exciting and all the things we have planned for Christmas etc. It takes hard work, dedication and vision to do all these things and you are doing an incredible job of leading/inspiring us. I am in no doubt that we will see fruit from all these things.

I would like to add however, that you did look quite unwell - please don't over-do it again!