Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Serenje Offering Week One

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of our Serenje offering. So far we've had:

Total money given: £19,629
Total money pledged for the next 12 months: £17,180

That gives us a grand total of £36,809, which is fantastic. Gift Aid needs to be added to that which should take it over £40,000, but we still need in the order of £60,000 this weekend to meet our target of £100,000.

So for those of us still to give let's be praying and asking God what we should give this weekend. I have a deep confidence in us as a community, that even in the current economic turmoil we will give beyond ourselves and reach our target. It's just so exciting to be on this journey together. That because of what we're doing children who would have been deprived an education will instead get through secondary school and then go on to train as doctors, nurses, school teachers, politicians, business leaders and church leaders. That parents who would have died young because they weren't able to take their ARVs and didn't have enough food will live into old age and get to see their children grow up, get married and have children themselves. And that a whole community will be given hope and a future because we chose to give.

Bring it on....


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