Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tebogo in the UK

Ben and I met today with Tebogo Mulaudzi from Soweto, who many of you will remember from previous times he's been over here and preached with us. Tebogo is in the UK for some rest and relaxation - perhaps I need to go and spend some time in Soweto!
It was great to catch up with Tebogo - his church is doing really well but he's feeling the pressure of leading it all - I told him I had no idea what he was on about :-)

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Unknown said...

Please, can you help me get in touch with Pastor Tebogo to confirm the day he granted an interview at the Revelation TV in UK? I have tried many times to secure the DVD but the officd could not trace the DVD because they can't remember the date.

Moreover, can you help get in touch with him if he can reproduce he DVD and send to me, and I willl pay for this.

Rev Moses Gbenu
4, Warwick Way, Dartford