Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Balkans Conference

Ken and Ann Bothamley have been over in Albania for the last couple of weeks visiting the churches they are helping over there. I just got an update from Ken which I though you might be interested to read:

"We are on our way this morning to Ohrid, Macedonia by minibus. Snow on the mountains here. We will climb 700 metres to Macedonia border, walk through the land border and then by taxi to Millenium Palace Hotel Ohrid for the Newfrontiers Balkans Conference. We are well and travel with 8 others from Elbasan. We return here on Friday afternoon, meal out with landlord and family then onto Tirana on Saturday and then home Sunday. It will be nice to be where there is electricity all the time and things work! Pray for us at the conference as this is a key time for many small churches spread out across Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. I ask for prophetic words and words to strengthen people. We will see Edi and Artina again and many others we know."

Edi and Artina are the couple who came over for the Willow GLS earlier this year - they are a fantastic couple and I think we're going to be seeing quite a bit more of them.

Let's be praying for the churches in Albania, and thanking God for us having at least a small part in all He is doing there.


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