Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bill Hybels Day

Just to let you know the five of us who went up to HTB yesterday to hear Bill Hybels speak had a magnificent time with him. I wish you could all have been there as everyone would so benefit from hearing him pour out his wisdom gained in 33 years of leading Willow. However, lots of what we learn on days like that will hopefully come out in what gets preached and the directions we take as a church over the next year, so hopefully you will benefit from it at least indirectly.

In the middle of the day Bill actually left us for about 3 hours to go and record an interview with Bono, who happened to be in London, for next years Leadership Summit. How cool must that be! Sadly none of us were asked to accompany him, although after Bill's wife Lynne spoke here at the launch of our HIV/AIDS project in October she did contact me to let me know she'd emailed Bono to tell him about what we were doing, and how it had been inspired by the talk he did at the Leadership Summit 2 years ago. Not quite as cool as getting to meet Bono, but still pretty good.

Talking of the project in Serenje I got the latest gift day total today. I'm going to announce it on Sunday, but suffice to say for now that it's very, very exciting. Don't forget we've also got baptisms Sunday morning and evening which are also going to be unmissable.

Hope you're having a great week,


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Sandra said...

Very exciting Simon can't wait for Sunday to hear the announcement of the total...God is amazing!! Look forward to hearing more frm your day with Bill!