Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kerith Decorating

In the middle of a fun evening helping decorate The Kerith Centre and K2 ready for Christmas. Both buildings are looking great, as is the stage which Steve Hart and his team did such a fantastic job of designing and putting up (just so you know we've used some of last years celebration offering to buy some of the staging so we get to keep it after Christmas which will be a step forward for us).

I just can't wait for Sunday night when the building will be full for the first Xmas Factor Live event. Hope to see you there.



Sandra said...

did you leave us anything to do tonight...?? Seriously it's looking great and I too can't wait for Sunday it's going to be spectacular

Simon Benham said...

It is looking great, although there's still plenty for you to do tonight :-)


Anonymous said...

who took the pics??...some poor souls bottom is in the second one..own up?? who does it belong to??

irene m