Friday, November 21, 2008

Newfrontiers Leaders Weekend

I'm on a bit of a run of NewFrontiers leaders events.

Last week I was at what was called a Wider Leaders gathering. I'm not sure I like being described as a wider leader. Perhaps they're just trying to wake me up to the realities of middle age! It was up in Warwick and was for leaders who oversee other churches and leaders of the larger NewFrontiers churches.

Then right now Catrina and I are battling our way up the motorway to Milton Keynes for a weekend with the couples leading the 220 NewFrontiers churches in the UK.

Finally in a couple of weeks I'm off for two days of coaching looking at building larger churches.

It's very inspiring spending time with all these leaders, many of whom are facing some of the same issues we are. However, there's a large part of me which would rather be at home this weekend with the children and listening to BenD on Sunday morning! However, I'm sure we'll have a great weekend - hope you do too.


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