Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lead Elders Coaching

I'm off this morning to a Newfrontiers "Lead Elders Coaching" session in Catford. This is two days where the leaders of some of the larger churches in Newfrontiers are gathered by Steve Tibbert (who leads the church in Catford, where Mick Taylor who many of you will remember is now on staff) to look at how we can grow much bigger churches. We look at a whole load of different things including understanding our own personalities and leadership styles, the things that change as churches get bigger and the things that can stop or stunt growth. This will be the fourth one of these that I've been to (the coaching runs over two years and there are six sessions in all).

I have to admit that I really love it (even if I do miss being away from home). Many of you will know that one of my dreams is for us to be a church of thousands, so that bit of it all really excites me, but it has also been a great chance for me to get to know other leaders who are facing many of the same issues as we are and begin to build relationships with them.

This time round we've got a day with John and Debby Wright who lead the Trent Vineyard church in Nottingham. They're a church of thousands and although I've never been there I've heard great things about it from people like Colin Boyle and Ken Bothamley who have visited it. So I'm really looking forward to extracting all the information I can from them, especially as we move to our three meetings from January as they do a similar thing with the preach from the morning repeated in the evening.

I'll also be staying overnight with my sister Lucy who lives in Forest Hill. I don't get to see her often so I'm looking forward to spending at least a bit of time with her and her husband Simon.

Just pray that the 2CV lasts all the way round the M25!


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