Friday, December 5, 2008

Update on Lee

I've had so many people ask me about how Lee Layton-Matthews (our Youth Pastor) got on with his operation today that I thought I'd post an update here for all to see.

Lee went into hospital today for an operation to sort out some problems with his pace maker. I got a text at 6:30pm from Lydia (my wonderful PA), who had gone to the hospital to keep Lee's wife Linda company, to say that Lee had come round after the operation, was still quite groggy and in quite a bit of pain, but was cracking jokes which must be a good sign. We need to be praying for Lee, particularly that there won't be any infection as a result of the surgery which has been done. Lydia also said that Lee may be able to come home tomorrow, so knowing Lee that means he'll probably be in church on Sunday morning! In reality it's going to take Lee at least a week to recover from what has been fairly major surgery, so if by any chance you do see him in church on Sunday send him straight home :-)

So lots to be thanking God for there. That's a good point to remind everyone that it's prayer meetings next Wednesday and Thursday, where we're also going to be sharing communion together. I know we're in an incredibly busy time of year but please can I encourage everyone to make one of those two evenings a priority, as we seek to regain a little focus in the middle of the Christmas madness!

Hope you have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

What a blessing to all of us as a church that Lee has pulled through his operation what a special answer to pray. I know there is still a long way to go but it proves god works miracles when he needs to Pass on my good to the family please karmenie

Anonymous said...

Lee - so pleased the operation went well and hope to see you around soon.