Monday, January 19, 2009

Alpha Update

Juts to let you know that there are still spaces on our two Alpha courses starting this week - 7:30 pm Wednesday evening and 10:00 am Thursday morning. Perhaps you've got a friend you could invite along to the course - if you do you're more than welcome to go with them. Or perhaps you've been a Christian for a while and you just want to be reminded of the basics of who Jesus is, how to pray and how to read the Bible. Personally I think everyone would benefit from doing Alpha at some point in their walk with God - I've spoken on or lead over a dozen course and know how much I've been built up by just being exposed to the material again and again.

If you, or you and a friend, are going to come then you can just turn up, but if possible it would be really helpful if you could give reception a ring (01344 862699) or an email so we make sure there is enough food, cakes and manuals!


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