Friday, January 9, 2009

An Amazing Article

In an age where atheists seem to be getting more and more 'fundamentalist', and in particular where people like Richard Dawkins can be outspoken against Christianity to the point where their own arguments stop making logical sense, I found this piece in The Times by Matthew Paris quite remarkable. Take a read and see what you think.

Thanks to Stuart Cook for pointing me to the article in the first place.


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Jacqui W-G said...

Thanks for posting this article Simon. I often listen to Matthew Parris-His "Great Lives" podcasts are excellent. Surely this demonstrates what Jesus said,"You will know them by their fruit." The real fruit of our lives is that sense of wellbeing that comes through having sins forgiven, enjoying Christ's love and the living Word as fresh bread each day. This flows out from hearts in words and deeds and looks to add to the world because we are delighted to do so without any personal gain other than the pleasure of having an authentic faith.Let's pray that the Serengi initiative will be characterised by impacting the lives of by standers with a sense that God does good things through Christ followers.