Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daily Bible Readings

I'm getting so much out of my reading the Bible in a year. When I've done it before I've always just started at Genesis and just worked my way through, meaning that you don't get to the gospels until September or October. This time I'm using the reading plan given by the online YouVersion Bible software which gives you an Old Testament reading, a psalm and a New Testament reading every day and takes you through the OT once and the NT twice in a year.

Today I went an extra step and installed the YouVersion software on my BlackBerry. I'm surprised how well it work on such a small screen. It's free for both the BlackBerry and the iPhone, so if you're lucky enough to have either why not install it and have the Bible with you wherever you are.



Anonymous said...

Hi... just want to say thank you for your encouraging us to read through the bible in a year. I have done it numerous times with my Bible In a Year. Must admit to lookg forward to usig this version. I will need to do it the old fashioned way because not into all the new technology.
You are doing a great work Simon and you are leading us all into an exciting time.
Thank you


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, just wanted to add to the encouragment from Iris, several LG members have joined this journey with you too and for me I have never done this so although I am a few days late I will catch up!! As always just keep on doing what you are doing, you do it well and you continue to encourage and inspire.