Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Well hello and welcome to 2009. I think that as a family we had one of our best ever Christmas and New Year breaks. A great mix of just being together with the five of us, seeing extended family and seeing friends, with some good walks thrown into the mix. I hope you had a good time too.

Most of my presents were either books or book tokens. Someone asked me a while ago whether the fact that the list of "Books I've recently read" on the blog hasn't changed in the last 18 months was a reflection of the fact I don't ever do any reading! Well no, it's just a reflection on me never getting round to updating the list. I reckon in 2008 I must have averaged about a book a week, with a whole mix of Christian books ("God on Mute" by Pete Greig topped last years list), leadership books ("Axioms" by Bill Hybels and "Silos, Politics and Turf Wars" by Patrick Lencioni were my favourites), biographies ("William Tyndale" by Brian Moynahan was inspirational) or secular stuff (I really got into the Swedish author Henning Mankell this year, as well as Susan Hill, from which you might guess I like detective stories).

So I start this year with a pile of books to read. I'm currently reading "Reasons for God" by Tim Keller, which is great on explaining why our faith makes sense (and for preparing for the elephant in the church series), and "Pure in Heart" by Susan Hill (which takes it's title from Matthew 5, but is actually a detective novel). I might change the list to be the last ten books I read, and may even get round to writing some short book reviews - would anyone find that interesting?

Anyway, my New Year's resolution for this year is to read the Bible all the way through. I used to do that every year, but got out of the habit, and want to get back into it in 2009. I'm actually using the plan on the YouVersion website, which takes you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in a year. If you haven't found it before YouVersion is a really cool online Bible which has pretty much every translation and can be accessed from the web as well as using an iPhone or a Blackberry. Why not join me on my journey through the Bible.

Hope to catch you some time soon,


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Anonymous said... are back...thought you had disappeared....geat to hear you had a good time over the festive season
book reviews??? oh yes....
irene m