Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heaven and Hell

This weekend we're going to be looking at the 'elephant' of Heaven and Hell. Which reminds me of the notice that once appeared in a church bulletin

"At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be "What is Hell?". Come early and listen to the choir practice."

Our singers are much better than that :-)

This really is a big elephant. I'm going to try and answer two questions:

Is it possible for God to be both a God of love and a God of anger and wrath?
Could a God of love really let people suffer for eternity in Hell?

I don't think elephants come much bigger than this one! Please pray for me as I prepare, and be thinking of some good questions if you're coming Sunday evening. If I could have the questions in advance that would be even better :-)



Jeff Beech-Garwood said...

HI Simon,

I just heard a most helpful sermon on hell from my pastor Greg Boyd. It's called 'Tormented in the Flames?' and available at or on iTunes. I recommend it as a good resource for your coming sermon.
Jeff B-G (ex of BFC)

irene m said...

My question re heaven and hell is the usual one i think that most people think about...
When I die where am I before I am raised up ?? does my spirit go somewhere and wait for Jesus to come back again??

My friend a few years lost her husband to cancer and found the whole subject very painful when people would say to her...he is in glory...with the Lord....but is he???

Simon Benham said...

Good to hear from you Jeff, and thanks for the link. And sorry that I didn't answer your question Irene, although I think we're going to do a series on heaven later this year when your question will be one of the things we look at.