Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi De Hi

Hello from Butlins! It's Saturday morning, Ethos have just finished leading worship at the youth event and a guy called Stef Liston who leads a church in Camden London is speaking. I wish you could all be here as you'd be so proud of Lee and the youth as they lead the 400+ young people here.
We've got this afternoon free to drink coffee (there's a Costa here!) then Lee and Zoe are speaking tonight. If you have a moment please pray for us as God is already doing amazing things amongst the young people.
It's going to be strange not being at Kerith tomorrow morning, although I'm sure everyone will have a great time without us!
We will be back for the evening meeting so hopefully catch you then.


Alli Inwards said...

Will be praying. Thanks for the heads up. Hope you're not all freezing your buns off!

Alli Inwards said...

Ooops - forgot to say 'Ho De Ho'. Hope you & Catrina are having a fab time! :)

Anonymous said...

Are we going to start singing the songs that were sung at Butlins that we currently don't sing, as sometimes seemed to happen after Stoneleigh?