Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, dedicated to the rememberance of the victims of the Holocaust. The reason it's on the 27th January is because it's the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp by the Russians in 1945.

There was an article in The Daily Telegraph this weekend about Sandhurst Comprehensive School which organises an annual trip for pupils to visit Auschwitz. It's a moving article in itself, but more so because one of the pupils on the trip is Sam Wade, who many of you will know as both a fine young man and one of the drummers in Ethos (our youth band). Part of the article says this:

"Greif leads the group from barrack to barrack to look at simple displays of devastating intensity. The whole side of one room is a glass cabinet of human hair banked in grey clouds. Hollie, Hannah Oakford and Miss Martin quietly begin to cry. Throughout the day, whenever someone cries, someone else comforts them. Behind the crowd, Sam Wade walks slowly up and down, head lowered, only glancing sideways at the hair.

Walking towards the coach, I ask Sam why he wouldn’t look at the displays. 'I just wanted to pray,’ he says. 'I’m a Christian so I went to the back and prayed. I prayed that the families could almost forgive the Germans.’".

Powerful stuff.

Hope you have a great week and to catch you as we meet to pray this week.



irene m said...

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face...having read the article in the newspaper of the trip.
I am completely undone.!!

The words at the end of the article from the woman who says ."I am getting old...you are the new generation"..and reading how the teenagers reacted gives me such hope in this coming generation.

I am proud ..so proud of Sam Wade...young men and women such as he represents are the "hope of the world" especially when linked in as he is to the local church which we know is the "hope of the world".

Thanks Simon for bringing this to our attention...I will still be mopping up my tears for the rest of the afternoon

Anonymous said...

I'm crying too, very proud of you Sam.


Sandra said...

What an amazing story and yes it brings hope into a very mixed up world. What a witness Sam, keep close to God