Friday, January 16, 2009

Mark Driscoll - Death By Love

Last Sunday I talked about the need for us to take our masks off and be real. A book that’s been helping me do that is Mark Driscoll’s new book “Death by Love”. In it he takes a number of real pastoral situations (from a woman who's been raped to a husband whose wife has committed adultery) and writes a letter to the person involved, using each situation to explain some aspect of the doctrine of the cross. It’s an approach which keeps what could be complex stuff rooted and alive and makes very clear the impact of each doctrine. Some of the discussions get pretty technical, and you'll learn a load of new words which you probably won't end up using much in every day conversation, but it's well worth persevering.

I particularly found the section on Christ being our expiation (cleansing us from our sin) helpful on the need to be real with God, and with others, and how if we do that we can find genuine cleansing from our past sins.

I'm not sure whether we've currently got any copies in the bookshop but we'll try and get some ordered in.



Alli Inwards said...

Hiya Simon, Thanks for this recommendation and for keeping us up-to-date with your reading list. This Mark Driscoll book sounds fab. Just wondering if there's any chance we could get a church library going - even if it's as simple as folk listing on the church website which books of your recommended list they've got. I don't want to miss out on all these great books but I don't want to get seriously out of pocket either. I'm guessing I'm not alone in that. Also - fab book recommendation for ladiez - 'All I need is Jesus and a good pair of jeans' - it's recommended by Mark Batterson (thanks for the link to his blog - that's how I heard about this book). cheers, Alli

Anonymous said...

what a good idea...may you can got it off the ground alli.??

irene m

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea.....most people can't afford to keep going out and buying all these books. It seems a shame to keep them on our shelves at home and not share them round. It may mean the Bookshop ends up out of pocket though!

Suzanne W

Anonymous said...

That would be a great idea, my friend's church has a library.


Simon Benham said...

If anyone wants to come up with a proposal for how we could do a library that would be great as I think it would be a really excellent resource to have.

Alli Inwards said...

Could I design a screen with someone for the church internet?

Kerith Geek said...

Re: Library idea

Hi Folks, sounds like it might be well used. I'll look at doing something with the spare space left by the reduced stock in the book shop. There are a number of ideas competing for the space!

For the web: we use an off-the-shelf church website which has loads of useful stuff built in - but library or book sharing isn't one of those ready-made things. We could look at developing something in the future, but I've got the the web team focussing on a bunch of other stuff at the moment. (Things like developing the Sunday rotas so everyone gets an email reminder, automating course registrations, refreshing the ministry pages, widening the password access to members and opening up online registration to new comers.)
One option could be to use the book club pages - I'll have a chat with Ope!!!
Ben O