Friday, January 30, 2009

Marriage Course

Just wanted to give a quick plug to The Marriage Course which start next Tuesday.

I always thought that marriage courses were for people who had marriages in crisis, that was until Catrina and I did the course quite a few years ago now. I can honestly say it transformed our marriage. Lot's of things we now do in our marriage (including having regular marriage time, the way we resolve conflicts and other things I can't mention in a blog which is read by all!) are as a result of the course.

So if you're a married couple and want to turn a good marriage into a great marriage, or you have hit a bit of a rut and want help in moving on, I thoroughly recommend signing up. I'll make a special plea to husbands here. So often it's wives who want to do the course and husbands who are reluctant (that was certainly true for me). Well men, why not reverse that and take the initiative in improving your marriage.

There is a financial cost to doing the course, which covers the cost of the meals and all the materials, but please don't let that stop you coming. If you are in financial difficulties then just fill in an application form and write on there that you need financial help and someone will get back to you to talk that through.


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