Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayed Out!

We've just finished the 24 hours of prayer and I'm now walking down to the shop to get a paper and reflect on it all. For me personally it's been so refreshing to spend extended time in God's presence - it just does good to me on the inside. And to know in a whole load of areas of church life we've now asked God to intervene and send some of heaven to earth.
So a huge thank you to everyone who got involved this week. Whether you prayed, lead worship, lead an hour slot or anything else - I so love being part of this community.
Catrina has gone to a Nancy Beach (Willow Creek) day in London, Zak is in Lithuania and Jacob and Alice are having sleepovers so I've got a rare morning alone - nice every now and again!
Hope to catch you tomorrow.

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