Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three - A Reminder

Don't forget that from this Sunday we have three Sunday meetings, starting at 9am, 11am and 7pm (with a coffee bar from 6pm in the evening meeting).

There has been a huge amount of activity this week making sure all the teams are ready and in place. The sign up for serving has been amazing, so a huge thank you to everyone who has joined our volunteer work force. As just one example on Tuesday night Alan and Penny Lander met up with our welcome teams (car parkers, welcomers and the Connect team) and had 75 people there. Their vision statement is "creating an environment for people to encounter God", which I think pretty well sums up what all of us are trying to do.

We still need a few more volunteers, primarily in the under 5's and across the board on Sunday evenings, but I'm sure we'll fill those slots over the next few weeks.

There does seem to have been a bit of confusion over who can come to the evening meeting (for which I take full responsibility). The answer is that everyone is welcome. There won't be any children's work in the evening but there will be a repeat of the Sunday morning J-Generation for young people in years 6, 7 and 8, and the adult preach will usually be the same as in the morning (although sometimes with a Q&A session thrown in afterwards).

So choose your meeting time, get here on time (especially if you're serving) and be a part of this next exciting phase of Kerith growth.


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