Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twenty Two Days In

I was so excited at the start of this month by the number of people telling me they were planning on reading the Bible all the way through in 2009. Some were planning on using the YouVersion plan I've been using, others had found different plans they were going to follow.

Well I realise that now, 22 days into the New Year, for quite a few of you that good idea will now be just yet another New Year's resolution which never made it to February. So here's my encouragement to you. Keep going! If you're a couple of days behind then skip watching CSI or the news tonight and catch up (I got three days behind last week and had to set a bit of time aside to catch up). Or if you've given up completely then just start again with today's reading. It's not that there's something magical about reading all the words in the Bible in a year and if you do that God will reward you - that's law and we live in grace - God's undeserved gift. What's important is you getting a little bit of God's living word into you every day. And if you never started in the first place just start from today's set of reading.

Psychologists reckon it takes about 40 days for us to establish a habit. So that means if you keep going then some time in the middle of February doing the reading will start to become natural, and it will feel weird if you haven't done it. A bit like cleaning your teeth, but more beneficial!

I'm off to Butlins tomorrow afternoon for the NewFrontiers weekend. Catrina and I are going to be helping with the youth - just like the old days. We won't be around Sunday morning but will be back in church Sunday evening so maybe catch you then. If you can don't forget to sign up for at least a couple of slots during the 24 hours of prayer on Friday 30th.



irene m said...

thanks for the had slipped to the bottom of the new years resolutions..along with several other ones too....
will aim to start again today..

see you at butlins
irene m

Alli Inwards said...

Plan to start again today. I have really gained from what little I've read so far but will start again. Thanks for the encouragement Simon. Thank the Lord we live under grace (need to get better at that - tend to be a law girl, don't know why - grace is soooooooooooooo much better!)

Alli Inwards said...

Irene - love the photo!