Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week of Prayer and Fasting

The week of prayer and fasting is coming up soon, so I wanted to give you a few details about what we’re planning to do. We haven’t yet worked all the details, so some of this may change, but this is what I think we’re going to be doing!

This time we’re going to meet on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings (not on the Monday) in K2. On each evening we’ll worship for about 15 minutes, have a 15 minute biblical exhortation to pray and then spend the rest of the time praying.

Then we’ll pray for 24 hours starting at 8:00 am on the Friday. As before we’re going to split that into one hour slots with a different leader for each slot. In each slot we’ll read a chapter of Luke’s gospel, than have 10 minutes of worship, 25 minutes to pray for the subject for that hour and then the rest of the time praying more generally. We’ll also have a 10 minute break between slots for everyone to get a drink, for people to leave and join etc.

What I’d like is for everyone to try and pray for at least 2 hours out of the 24, and to have at least 8 people praying in every slot. To that end we’ll put sign up sheets in reception to try and make sure we have at least 8 people every hour, especially for the 4-6 pm slots on Friday which are often very quiet.

My hope is that we have lots of different people praying at different times for different subjects. Just so people know I won’t be praying all through the night, as I know from past experience that if I do I won’t be any good by the end of Sunday.

I’m so looking forward to this time. I do really believe that God has us in a season of growth and that prayer is one of the keys to seeing that happen.

If you want to get involved or have ideas about what we should do please let me know as I do feel we need injections of fresh thinking when it comes to creative new ways to pray.



Anonymous said...

I thought the hour slot for the children to come and pray last time was a great idea. It not only involved them with the 24 hours of prayer, but Yvonne and the others made it fun and not boring. I know Adam really enjoyed it and I hope we are able to do it again this time.

Alli Inwards said...

I've not put my name down for a slot but will do. It's brilliant that this is becoming an annual event. Hey - just wondering if there's a section of praying for folk who have had prophesies given to them but not seen it come to pass yet. I have a feeling (it is just that) that this year might not just be the year the prophesy about church doubling in a year may come true but other 'latent' prophesies too. Actually, now that I think of it, you're doing the 'act like it all depends on you, pray like it all depends on God' as far as church growth and this prophesy goes. Perhaps we could have some teaching about how to apply practical stuff to prophesies we've all been given, so it stops being 'mystical' only and starts being mystically real. Just a thought.