Friday, February 20, 2009

Catherine Rohr

Thought you might like to read this BBC article about Catherine Rohr who spoke at the Willow Leadership Summit this year. You can also listen to an interview with her here.

Inspires me again to try and live a life which makes a difference.

Hope to catch you this weekend as we look at Assisted Suicide and how we should respond.



irene m said...

Hello Uncle Simon...great article on Catherine Rohr....out of all the Willow speakers this year she had the most impact for me and it was great to read about her again.

I will look forward to hearing your response on "assisted suicide" on Sunday...a topic I have very mixed feelings about and so will welcome your explanation from a Christian leaders point of view.

irene m said...

Just in case anyone are not MY uncle...!! it was a jokey reference to the fact you are now an uncle to your
sisters new baby.(!)..DUH