Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dawkins Debate

Whilst doing research for the talk about Euthanasia this Sunday I came across a great article on a debate between Richard Dawkins (of The God Delusion fame) and a guy called John Lennox who wrote a book called "God's Undertaker: Has Science buried God" which is a Christian response to The God Delusion (which I've read and can recommend). As we said on Sunday let's not be scared to engage with these issues but instead be informed and able to give an answer for the hope we profess.



Anonymous said...

When Eileen and I visited Mosaic, we saw a documentary film by Ben Stein called "Expelled".

It explores how mainstream science establishments suppress academics who see evidence of intelligent design in nature and who criticise evidence supporting evolution. It discusses how scientists who are advocates of intelligent design have been victims of religious discrimination by the scientific community and have been ridiculed and lost jobs because of their research.

The film portrays intelligent design as motivated by science, rather than religion but it is definately worth watching from a Christian perspective. There are major academics interviewed on both sides of the issue in the film including Richard Dawkins (who wrote "The God Delusion") and Alister McGrath (who wrote the "The Dawkins Delusion?").

Here's the trailer:


I wouldn't consider myself very "sciencey" and wasn't nearly as enthuastic about watching this film as Eileen was but it really was quite eye opening for me: Firstly, the lack of academic freedom and persecution for scientists exploring particular fields, or that have found flaws in evolution, in countries that promote free and open debate. Also, the controversy that the film created just reflects how unsettled society becomes when you begin to question the very foundations that you take as fact and teach in schools.

Definately worth a watch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
I also have seen 'Expelled' and it's good.
Nicky Gumbel did a series of 3 talks refuting Richard Dawkins et al. It's available at the HTB site
Best Regards,
Jeff B-G