Monday, February 2, 2009

Ethos in Lithuania (amongst other things)

Such an exciting weekend.

First of all a great time in all three meetings on Sunday. We've now done four "three meeting" Sundays and it feels like we're getting into our stride with it all. Numbers have been great at all three meetings, and the evening is really starting to develop its own identity which is what we wanted for it. 

Second I've had great reports back from Ethos (our youth band) and their weekend trip to serve at a youth conference in Lithuania. Check out the video below of them in action, or if that doesn't work for you follow this link (and check out some of the great comments people have been leaving).

And then to cap it all it snowed today. I know some of you might not like snow, but I love it! Maybe that's why I got the job of Senior Pastor from Ben. I got to go sledging the evening with Alice which was such great fun.

Hope you're enjoying the snow too and you have a great week.



Val Cottee said...

Simon, I don't usually comment on the blog, but wanted to say how well you handled the "Heaven and Hell Elephant" It was a difficult subject and could have sounded heavy and condemning. Instead it was very powerful, thought provoking and it certainly spurred me on to make the most of any opportunities I have to share the good news of the gospel. I hung on your every word and sensed that others did too. My first Sunday evening was quite a revelation!

Simon Benham said...

Thanks so much for that Val. And I'm really glad that you enjoyed Sunday night - although they have a different feel to the mornings I hope that anyone would feel at home - and you can get a latte there!