Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prayer Meetings - Some Changes

Next week on Wednesday and Thursday night we have our monthly prayer meetings, and we're going to be doing things a bit differently. We'll still be starting off with open worship together but then before we pray we're going to do a couple of other things.

The first of these is to share communion together. We've struggled for a while to find the right context for communion, and although I still think the best place for communion is in LifeGroups we're now also going to share communion together once a month at the prayer meetings.

Secondly I'm going to spend time sharing some of the latest Kerith news. With the new three meetings format we aren't going to be having Church Vision Nights of the style we've had in the past, so this will be a chance to talk about some of the things we would previously have talked about there. There is quite a bit of news to talk about this time round including a new member of staff, details on the forthcoming preaching series and some other exciting developments, as well as a comment on some of the challenges we face.

We'll then be asking God to break into various areas of our community life.

I really want to encourage as many people to make it to the prayer meetings as possible. Prayer is a key to us growing to be a church of 2,000, and us individually and as a community flourishing in the current economic climate.

Hope to see you there!



Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good change. However, how do you intend to provide this information for people who are unable to attend either the prayer meetings? Do you expect it to be passed down through lifegroup leaders or will you publish it on the website or in some other way?

Anonymous said...

It would be great if the information could also be published on the blog or website as its great for those of us in other parts of the country to keep in the link with Kerith's goings on! One of my top strengths is "futurist" so hearing vision and plans in the church really excites me!

irene m said...
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irene m said...

Changes sound good Simon...and it will be good to share communion together in the context of worship and prayer.
Sharing vision ..news and information will also serve to focus the praying time.