Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finished Leviticus

In today's daily readings I got to the end of Leviticus. Although there are some great bits in this book, such as the principle of Jubilee and the idea of not harvesting to the edges of the field so the widows and the refugees can survive on what is left, I won't be too sad to move on. Although all scripture is God breathed and inspired not all scripture is equally exciting or applicable!

Leviticus leaves me very glad (a huge understatement) that we live under grace rather than under law, and that Jesus has removed the need for sacrifices because he himself has made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

If you're not in to a daily reading plan then why not head over to and join me tomorrow in Numbers (as well as Psalms and Luke). Hope to see you there!



Unknown said...

Four of the best talks I've heard were on Leviticus, Justin Mote at UCCF student leaders conference 2001. Our refrain was all week was 'Hooray for Jesus'. Everyone was a bit nervous ahead of the conference but what rich fuel for worship and for mission!!

Anonymous said...

I think the thing that struck me most about Leviticus, apart from how great grace is, was the holiness of God, and how unworthy we are to stand in His presence. All the rules and laws and regulations still weren't enough to allow humankind to have a relationship with God, but only Jesus and what He did on the cross. Numbers isn't going to be a walk in the park either, but Luke has been brilliant!

Unknown said...

So good to wallow in the shadows and models and types of the gospel - I'm trying to spend the bulk of my reading in the Pentateuch at the moment and its so good! The obvious like the day of atonement but then you look at the year of Jubilee and the way the tabernacle pictures The High Priest making his sacrifice and then going in, coming out to a trumpet blast (1 Thess?) to announce jubilee.... it's gospelicious stuff.