Saturday, March 7, 2009


We've got some exciting events coming up I want to talk about over the next few blog entries. The first is that on Sunday 5th April when in all three meetings we're going to be watching a presentation by a guy called Louie Giglio which is quite incredible. In order to give you an idea what it's like then watch the Youtube clip below, or see it on the Youtube website here.

This is not only going to be inspirational for us, but is a great thing to invite people to. It particularly deals with the wonder and enormity of God's creation and what it reveals to us about him. Great for anyone who would have been interested in the Evolution versus Creation talk we did a few weeks ago.



Unknown said...

Simon, is there an audio for the Creation vs Evolution talk you've done, please?

Simon Benham said...

You can find the audio for all the last few sermons here:

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Boaly said...

Indescribable is a brilliant message.