Friday, March 27, 2009

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

At 2pm on Good Friday (10th April) we're going to have a free showing of the Walt Disney film "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" at The Kerith Centre. Refreshments will be on sale, but you'll need to bring your own popcorn!

I love this film on lots of levels.

First of all C.S. Lewis who wrote the book the film is based on is one of my favourite authors. In all of his books, whether books aimed at adults such as "Mere Christianity" or "The Problem of Pain, or children's books such as the Narnia series, he manages to unpack the Christian message in ways that makes it come alive and bring fresh insights. For those of you who have never read any of his stuff why not try "The Screwtape Letters" - quite brilliant.

Secondly it reminds me of when I first read the Narnia books when I was doing jury duty at the age of 22 (there was a lot of time sitting around doing nothing!). I'd never read the books as a child, so the imagery of Aslan the Lion as a picture of Jesus was totally new to me. It opened my eyes to Jesus and his part in creation, his sacrifice on the cross and his coming again in ways I'd never seen before.

Finally (and this is very nerdy!) the servers which I helped design for BlueArc (the company I work for when I'm not at church) were used to do all the special effects on the film. Those of you who are engineers will hopefully be able to understand how cool that feels!

This will be a very easy event to invite people to. I'm hoping that both young and old will want to come, and will invite friends and family too. There won't be a preach or an appeal, just a chance for you to explain to your friends afterwards why we would show a film like this on Good Friday.

Hope to see you there!



irene m said...

It is funny how litle things like being associated with a film gives us Kudos....
My nephew made furniture for Disney film amd I remember watching this film years ago and I know the person who made that chair..!!

Weird...sad...but hey to claim fame whenever we can....

Will be there...without the popcorn

Anonymous said...

I didn't really want to come to this but a friend's asked if she can come and can I come with her, so I'm coming!