Monday, March 23, 2009

Mothers Day Reflections

Well what an amazing day Mothers Day we had!

I was really pleased with how the Mothers Day celebration went in the morning. The song was hilarious, the sketch was superbly done, the photo shoot in the back corridor was doing great business and I thought Catrina preached really well, but most important of all there were loads of guests! If you had guests there I hope they had a great time, and that God spoke to them through all that was said and done.

Then in the evening Andrew White was every bit as inspirational as he's been in the past. He is a quite incredible character and it's such a privilege to be associated with him - if you missed him then the podcast should be up soon on the Kerith website. We've also got 24 copies of his new book "The Vicar of Baghdad" for sale at the bookshop for anyone who couldn't make the evening.

Across the three meetings on Sunday we had over 1,050 people attending - that's about 300 up on a 'normal' Sunday (if we ever have one of those!). It's interesting to see the logistic problems those increased numbers throw up, particularly with the car parking, and we've all got some lessons to learn about what it would take for us to gather 2,000 people over a weekend. I'm going to talk about that a bit more next Sunday morning as we finish our series on Galatians.

So all in all a great Sunday. A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making it happen. From car parkers to stewards and welcomers to children's workers to youth workers to musicians to camera operators to musicians to singers to the drama team to drinks servers to the tech team to receptionists to people manning the bookshop to building administrators to preachers to the people who designed, printed and folded the bulletin to people praying before and during the meeting to people who invited guests (regardless of whether they came or not) to site pastors and to all those people I've forgotten in that list - you are all so appreciated!

Have a great week and hope to catch you at the prayer meetings this week.



irene m said...

You are so right was an incredible sunday....I was at all 3meetings and saw it all and was triple blessed.!!!...

Anonymous said...

Hi simon

It was a real blessing to be in church on sunday morning and evening it was a blessing for different reasons. One was because I felt like a different woman after the evening one this was because what andrew was saying has touched some nerves in a good way as that now means I can attempt to put things right between me and some friends

regards karmenie