Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our New Office

For those of you familiar with the Spurgeon Room in The Kerith Centre you'll see from this photo that we've turned it into an office! No longer will the two year olds get to play on the ride ons in there on a Sunday morning, or the staff get to use it as a meeting room midweek.

In there instead are all the office based people involved with our community outreach, including Konnections (special needs ministry) and CAP (debt counselling). The scary thing is that there are eight desks in there and seven of them are already taken! It is exciting though that these are the sort of problems we are facing.

The admin team are now going to take over the main office, and Colin Boyle and his Creative Arts team will be moving into the Rochdale Room. I think I'm staying put in my office!


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