Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Young Guns 2

Many years ago (more than I care to mention) there was a group of up and coming preachers, called the Young Guns, who got mentored by Mick Taylor, Ben Davies and others. We were a very raw group at the time, and got pulled apart by our mentors on a regular basis, but many of that group (myself, Sean Green, Craig MacKay, Dave Frodsham and others) are not only preaching regularly but even leading churches. 

Well it's time for us to be looking for the next generation. Not the likes of Lee, Ben Oliver and Zoe Hayes who already get to speak pretty regularly, but the people who are going to fill their boots (and mine). So on evening of the 22nd March (it's the Mothers Day celebration in the morning) 7 of this next generation are going to be giving it a go. They'll each speak for 7 minutes, and will each be speaking on a different story that Jesus told. It would be great to have a big crowd to support them, so why come along, grab a latte before the meeting and see how they all get on.


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