Monday, March 30, 2009

Young Guns - Speechless

What a superb job the seven Young Guns preaching on Sunday night did. It really was a fantastic evening - if you weren't there I encourage you to listen to the podcasts of all seven, which should be on the website in the next couple of days. They all showed a level of maturity, as well as a speaking gift and an ability to be themselves, which quite amazed me - fantastic.

I know it's dangerous to pick out individuals, especially as they all did so well, but two moments particularly stuck with me.

First Amy Mehta speaking on the story of the prodigal son, and in particular on the older son who is jealous because when his younger brother returns he gets the big welcome home party. She spoke about the five years after her younger brother was born, and how during that time her Mum and Dad had to devote most of their time looking after him because he was so ill. Yet despite that she still knew that they loved her, it was just that because of her brother's condition they were expressing that love in a different way. I thought that showed incredible maturity and understanding for somebody so young, and was an incredible description of God's grace.

Secondly to hear Ben Findlay speak was so exciting for me. Not long after I became a Christian I went to university and was in a church lead by Ben's Grandad Tom (if you were around on Christmas Day you may remember me getting Tom's wife Lillian onto the the platform and honouring her). Tom and Lillian had a huge impact on my life, and I know how hugely proud Tom would have been of Ben.

So all in all a very exciting evening, and one we'll be looking to repeat. If you were there, or listen to the podcast, and God speaks to you why not write a note to one of the youngsters as I know they'd so appreciate the encouragement.

The future is indeed bright!



irene m said...

You are so right...the young guns were amazing and it was an excellent evening...

It was great to see so many people at the end going forward to have them pray for them.....

In truth I could have asked for prayer from each of them as they each touched on different I asked God which area he wanted me to get prayer for .....and as Liam prayed for me I knew that God was doing a new thing in me..

Well done Simon for making space and room for these youngsters.....lets do it again at some point...

Anonymous said...

The young were all very good on sunday it was a very impscting evening. I knew I had to go forward and be prayed for I actually got prayed for by Matt redshaw as what he had said had the most impact at the time

regards karmenie

Anonymous said...

They were all amazing, each one of them very inspirational.