Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A House of Prayer for All Nations

Next week we've got our monthly prayer meetings on Wednesday and Thursday (22nd and 23rd April) at 8pm.

I'm tempted to start calling these PVC nights as they're evenings to Pray, get a fresh reminder of our Vision and share Communion together, but somehow PVC doesn't convey quite the right image! Anyway, that's what we're going to be doing, along with worship and a chance to thank God for all that happened over the Easter weekend.

In the vision section I want to share some exciting updates on our involvement in other nations, including news on the churches we're involved with in Zambia, Kenya, Lithuania, Poland and Albania. I'll also be sharing some Kerith news and updates on a couple of things we've prayed about over the last few months. Mixed in with all of this will be prayer for each of these situations, as well as time to pray for one another and in particular those being impacted by the credit crunch.

Hope to catch you there,


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