Thursday, April 23, 2009

Serenje Blog

Another new blog to tell you about today. This time one for our HIV and AIDS project in Serenje.

Eight of us are going to be going off to Zambia on Monday to see how the project is developing, and to meet with some of the pastors, teachers and children's workers out there. We'll try and update the blog whilst we're out there with information and photos, so keep checking for updates.

Longer term we're also planning on using the Serenje blog to provide regular updates on how the project is going. I'm so grateful to everyone who last Autumn gave so generously to the offering we had for Serenje, and want everyone to be able to see what the money we have given is doing - hopefully the blog will help with that. I also want us to be inspired to give again in October, as we look to raise another £100,000 to fund year 2 of the project.


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