Monday, April 6, 2009

This is Church

One of the most memorable for me at years Leadership Summit was Bill Hybels talking about those moments which remind him "this is what church is all about". Well after having a wonderful time being away for the weekend with Catrina celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary (and being thrilled to come back and hear great things about how much people enjoyed the Louie Giglio presentation) I had two of those "this is church" moments today.

First of all I went over to Wexham Park Hospital this afternoon to visit Pete Novelle. Pete has cancer, and the doctors are trying to get him strong enough to start a course of radiotherapy and then to operate to remove the tumour. He's had a number of setbacks along the way, and currently is being fed through a nasal tube, but today got the news that an infection he's had isn't malignant, and that they hope to start the radiotherapy soon. It was great to be able to pray with Pete, and his wife Glynne, and ask God to break in as only He can. Both Pete and Glynne were saying how amazing the support of the church has been through it all - it reminded me again what a privilege it is to be part of this community.

Then when I got back to the Kerith office Leta from Lithuania was there. Leta came over last Monday with Saulius who leads the church there, and Valdas who is one of their elders, primarily to meet up with BenDand myself to talk about the way ahead for our relationship as churches. Saulius and Valdas flew back to Lithuania on Wednesday, but Leta stayed on for a week of meetings with all of our key staff members to learn about how we do church. She's going back tomorrow morning but was telling me this afternoon how much she's got out of the trip and how much our church is where they see themselves being in a few years time - very exciting. Hopefully a big crowd will come over from Lithuania for the Willow Leadership Summit again this year.

So two very different meetings, but both expressing in different ways what it means to be church. This week we've got the NewFrontiers year team trainees with us for three days, getting amongst other things a good dose of BenD - they won't know what's hit them! Then our Good Friday and Easter Sunday celebrations - bring it on!

Hope you're having a great week.


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Alli Inwards said...

Speaking of church life, I found this on youtube this evening and just wondered if anyone who is battling cancer would find it helpful