Friday, April 24, 2009

Womens Prayer Retreat (Men read this too!)

Prayer is at the heart of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Not as some religious observance which will make God happy, but as an ongoing, two way, daily conversation with our creator. Jesus teaching in Matthew 6 was not "if you pray" but "when you pray".

One of my passions is that we would release and encourage people to pray in all sorts of different styles and settings. Sometimes big groups. sometimes small groups, sometimes with a particular request or theme in mind, sometimes just to meditate and listen to God.

So I'm really excited about the women's prayer (not that I'll be going of course) on the 27th June. There are loads more details on the website so take a look and book up. And husbands, be encouraging your wives to go (and look after the kids and do the shopping), as if your wife flourishes you will flourish too!

One idea I have (and this is why the men needed to keep going) is to have a room in The Kerith Centre set aside for people to go to and pray in during the day. I'd envisage having some comfy chairs and books on prayer in there, as well as some swords on the walls to remind us that prayer is warfare and to stop it getting too girly! It's definitely something I'd want as we plan the proposed new building over Kerith Centre car park, but shorter term if we could find a room is that something people think would be useful? If you have any thoughts then why not leave them as a comment.

Just be glad I don't share all of my wacky ideas on here!



irene m said...

Love your wacky ideas...keep them coming....I am sure this idea was bounced out a few years ago...seem to remember something similar??

Anonymous said...

Great idea, with a coffee machine in it?