Friday, May 15, 2009

Andrew MacKay

I guess most of you will have heard by now that Andrew MacKay, the MP for Bracknell, has stepped down as a parliamentary aide to David Cameron over his "unacceptable" expenses claims.

Andrew has clearly made a very serious error of judgement, for which he is rightly being held to account. However, from what I've seen of him Andrew is also a very good constituency MP with a genuine concern for local people. Andy Jackson speaks of a number of CAP clients who have had their benefit payments sorted as a result of Andrew's interventions, and I know that he has helped quite a number of other people in our community in different ways. Recently he's also been lobbying on our behalf over some of the health issues surrounding our special needs community.

We've been asked by Andrew to host a constituency meeting at The Kerith Centre next Friday (22nd May) at 8pm, which we've agreed to do. This will be open to the any member of the public who wants to come along and make their point of view on the expenses saga, and to listen to what Andrew has to say about it. As a church we don't have any political affiliation or allegiance, but we are very keen to serve our community by facilitating this sort of dialogue, and for the church to have a voice in speaking into issues like this.

So if you're interested then please come along. There won't be any parking at The Kerith Centre so you'll need to park elsewhere, but hopefully we're all up to meeting that challenge!


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