Monday, May 4, 2009

Homeward Bound

We are on our way back to Lusaka for the flight home. We spent the last two days at a place called the Jubilee Centre which is in a town called Ndola in the north of Zambia. Jubille works with 62 local churches helping to train the pastors and provide funds for community based projects such as sponsoring orphans and giving people business skills.

Willow Creek is one of the major funders of Jubilee and Lynne Hybrls has been out there on a visit. Bishop Lawrence who leads all of this is an inspirational figure as well as being great fun to be around. It is interesting to see how an urban setting such as Ndola is compared to a rural setting like Serenje-I am learning stuff all of the time.

All on all it has been a fascinating trip. I really wish that you could have been here- hopefully the blogs and what we say when we get back will manage to convey some of it all.

Thanks for reading and praying. Can't wait to see you all again hopefully at Erwin on Saturday!


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irene m said...

Hope you guys get home okay...and get some rest before having to get up and at work again. Really looking forward to seeing and hearing more of life in Serenje. see you at Innovate.