Friday, May 1, 2009


I had one of the most humbling experiences of my life today. Each time we go to a project it starts with the people singing to us. Then the district chief will welcome us all and give us an update on how the project is going in their area. Then I will introduce each member of our team and then finally we will mix with the villagers and possibly go and see some of their crops growing.

Well today's second project visit followed that pattern but then towards the end the villagers were going off to one of the huts. They returned with gift after gift for us. A basket and pots that they had made, sugar beet, monkey nuts, maize cobs, sweet potato, haricot beans and a chicken. This was from a group of people of whom this was a huge sacrifice. It felt like a holy moment-like when David's soldier's went and got him water at a huge personal cost. I wish you could all have been there and cried with me.

Tomorrow we leave Serenje to go to a place called Ndosa to see a project Willow creek are sponsoring there.

Hope you have a great weekend and that the weather is at least as close to hot as it is here!


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irene m said...

These blog updates are so valuable and give us a real insight on a daily basis on what it is like...

Keep being humble is in our humility that we get that "must do something" prompting...and then it spills out on others.

I am so stirred by what we are doing in partnership with Tear Fund in Serenje.