Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chris Moyles

If you haven't seen it already I thought you'd enjoy hearing what Chris Moyles, the Radio 1 DJ, had to say about a BBC programme he saw from Kingsgate Community Church in Peterborough. Quite fantastic - you can catch it on Youtube here.

Or watch the embedded version below, although I know lots of you have email programmes which don't let you see the embedded version, if that's you just click the link above!

The church featured is the one we go to for Newfrontiers prayer and fasting (although it's not a Newfrontiers church). It meets in a warehouse on an industrial estate on the edge of Peterborough and seems very impressive, with a huge vision to impact the local community. Check out their website for more info.

Thanks to Michelle Garthwaite for sending me the YouTube link.



Anonymous said...

He spent over 6 minutes saying over and over again how amazing it all was - God really does work in mysterious ways!! So the question is, will someone offer to come on the air to talk with them about it all? There seemed to be lots of questions about what it was all about, and there must have been thousands listening with the same questions. I pray that this golden opportunity is not lost, but becomes a forum for discussion and explanation of what worshipping Jesus really is on BBC radio!

Sola said...

This is an amazing testimony of what God is doing.

Anonymous said...

How amazing is God. I think we should all be praying for Chris and all those who listened that God will put someone there to answer those questions and invite him to a VERY lively service somewhere so he can see that church is not boring.

Sue said...

Can someone invite him to the Ethos CD launch meeting??