Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ethos in the Recording Studio

Anyone who enjoyed the new Ethos song 'Calling Out' we learnt on Sunday will be pleased to know that next week they're going to be spending 5 days recording 6 of their songs for a forthcoming CD. It's really exciting to see the creativity which is breaking out all over the church and definitely something we want to see more of.

Colin Boyle is also currently with a team in Chicago at the Willow Creek creative arts conference. We've got people there from our music, drama, media and technical teams and I know they'll come back with a whole load of fresh ideas on how to use the creative arts to enhance all that we do.

Finally to let you know that at the end of July Ethos, Lee and Ken Bothamley are going out to Albania to support a youth conference there. All very exciting.



irene m said...

Methinks this the 2009 Christmas pressie for all

Simon Benham said...

Birthday, Christmas, whatever, it will make a great present!
It will also be available on iTunes for people who prefer getting it that way.