Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeding of the Five Thousand - Part 2

(if this makes no sense you need to read yesterday's blog first!)

So I walked up to the lectern, and after asking three of team members to bring a short greeting (during which time I continued to pray like mad for inspiration) decided there was no option but to read the passage, after which I really was going to be exposed. But as I read the passage the most amazing thing happened. It seemed like points from the passage which I'd never really noticed before started to jump off the page, almost as though they were written in the margins of my bible. And I was able to spend the next 25 minutes or so talking my way through the points God was showing me.

Now that may sound really weird, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it as a preaching style (unless you take some sort of masochistic enjoyment in being scared witless), but the reality is that since then I haven't been able to get these points out of my head. I've actually spoken briefly on them a couple of times since, once to a leaders meeting and once to our staff, and they've had such an impact on me I'm going to dare to share them with a wider audience. Apologies in advance if they seem obvious or not particularly inspiring but hopefully you'll get something out of them.

Come back tomorrow for the first point :-)



Kjetil said...

this is great!! nice being a norwegian, sitting in Sweden being inspired by your blog!!

Sue said...

I like this, it's like reading a good book and can't wait for the next chapter!