Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surprised by the Voice of God - Jack Deere

I first read this book something like 10 years ago. It deeply impacted me then, and has deeply impacted me again as I've read it in preparation for the Holy Spirit series.

Jack Deere, who for the early part of his Christian life was convinced (and taught others) that the only way God speaks today is through the Bible, looks at the different ways God has spoken to people both in the Bible and throughout church history. I particularly loved the section on the Scottish Reformers (who are sometimes thought of as being very "straight laced") and the ways God spoke to and through them, and how subsequent books have tried to remove those parts from their stories!

He then goes on to look at the different way God speaks to us today including the Bible, prophecy, dreams, audible voices, visions and a whole load of other ways. But he manages to do it all in a way which is devoid of the 'weird' but full of practical advice. If you wanted a manual on how to be a "peachy charismatic" then this would be it!

The book is also laced with stories from Jack Deere's own life, and from that of his friend Paul Cain. The cost of the book is justified by the story in the last chapter alone!

I can't recommend this book strongly enough. I'd love for everyone in our community to read it, and put it into practice.

We'll try and get some copies into the bookshop for this Sunday.


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