Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank You

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone planning to give to the Gift Days this Sunday and in a fortnights time.

Thank you from Liam Parker for releasing him to be with us for another year working with young people. Thank you from all the pupils in Garth and Brackenhale who will benefit from his input over the year. Thank you from our young people who will have another year of being discipled and trained by Liam. Thank you from all the young people who will come to the Friday night and Sunday youth events Liam will be organising. And thank you from Lee Layton-Matthews who will be released to think more about growing the Sunday evening meeting, raising up more young leaders and overseeing next years growing year team.

Thank you from Dave Betts for releasing him for another year to work with our youth bands Ethos and The Revolution. Thank you from all the young musicians who will be trained up and released to use their gifts. Thank you from all the people (not all young) who will be powerfully impacted by our youth bands, both in the UK and overseas. And thank you from all the people who will be encouraged, inspired and renewed as they listen to the Ethos CD and the songs they write.

Thank you for saving us as a leadership from having to decide which projects to cancel in the second half of 2009 because of a lack of finances. Thank you from all the people who will be impacted by those projects still being able to go ahead. This includes the continued expansion of our CAP centre, expansion of the work we are doing with special needs and money we plan to give away locally and overseas.

And (assuming we get to lease the cricket pitch land) thank you from all the children who will get to play in the playgrounds we will build there. That will include children on Sundays, children doing Saturday respite and the Easter and Summer respite clubs. Thank you from all the youth who will have somewhere outdoors to hang out other than on the car park. And thank you from all the people who will get to hold BBQs and other events on that piece of land.

Thank you from Simon Smith (our wonderful treasurer) who will sleep a bit more easily at night! And thank you from a senior pastor who genuinely appreciates every penny which is given, who thanks God for the generosity of spirit He has put into each of the people he has the privilege of leading, and who is daily humbled to part of a community like this.

Thank you.


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irene m said...

Wow...what a great blog entry Simon...I felt completely caught up in it and refreshed with vision.....

Saying Thank you ...before the actual gift day has raised my expectation as I am shown the "end result" and not just the "need"

Put this on screen or in will fix our eyes on God rather than money.