Thursday, July 9, 2009

God Moments

It's an incredible privilege for me to have a week like this when I can worship with thousands of other people, listen to teaching which inspires me and points me back to Jesus, and reflect on my own journey with God. Having worked for years in a 'normal' job, it's a privilege I aim never to take lightly or for granted. And I hope me being here won't just benefit me but the whole of our community as I hopefully pastor, preach and lead better.

For most of us the realities of life make it very hard (though not impossible) to get times like this. But what we can do is know that God is with us in every moment of every day. That whatever you're doing and wherever you are the Holy Spirit is powerfully with you and God can speak to you and through you.

How to do that?

Thank God continually. Find every opportunity to thank God for things. Food, family, friends, nature, your senses, Jesus, money, church, whatever.

Make life a continuous conversation with God. Talk to God about everything. We need those times when we close the door and pray in secret, but also learn to talk to God in the car (just don't shut your eyes), when things go wrong at work, when you're having a coffee, before a tricky conversation, when somebody annoys you, when something on the TV disturbs or challenges you, when you feel happy and when you feel sad.

And read the Bible. Not in a heavy way that makes you feel guilty if you haven't done it. But as an adventure, expecting God to surprise you with the stuff he will speak into you as you plug into his living word. With the plan I started in January I'm now on my second time through the New Testament and over half way through the Old Testament. It's been a blast! Listen to an audio bible, use daily reading notes, use it as an excuse to buy an iPhone for the youversion bible, I don't care how but just get it into you somehow. And did I say don't become a legalist!

Hope that helps you have a slightly different perspective on today.


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Anonymous said...

I found this post a confirmation of what God was laying in my heart this morning as I took a walk...that I can just open up and have conversation with Him anytime about anything. Thank you.

Sandra said...

great blog entry Simon. Yes conferences are great but we need to be connecting with God on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis for our faith to be lived out realistically

Thanks for the reminder