Thursday, July 23, 2009

Homeward Bound

Tomorrow Zak and I have an early start to catch the WizzAir (I still can't believe that's real) flight back to Luton Airport. It's been a really good trip visiting the two churches we are linked with here. I'm never very confident on trips like this as to whether I've really got anything helpful to say, but the more the week has gone on the more I've been able to share from my own experience of being in Bracknell, and the more I've been able to speak from the Bible and prophetically into some of the situations they face. It's also been really good having Zak with me.

I've also learnt so much from the leaders here. Poland is a very challenging place to grow a church, with a huge Catholic influence and the evangelical churches viewed with great suspicion, but despite that the two churches have between them baptised 26 people so far this year. They also both have buildings with incredible potential, but which also represent huge challenges. For instance the church in Swidnica owns an old castle (but no moat or drawbridge!) with buildings on four sides and a square in the middle. It's in a fantastic location close to the beautiful City centre, but the roof needs replacing which will cost about £250,000, before they can do the next phase of redevelopment. Please pray for them, and if you are stirred to give let me know. You can check out their website at

We've also got Ben Davies going to Lithuania and a team of 8 flying out to Zambia tomorrow, Sola Osinoiki speaking in a conference in Mexico over the weekend and the Youth team with Lee, Liam, Ethos (and Ken Bothamley sneaking in a youth) flying out to help lead a Youth Conference in Albania.

If you're still in the country I hope to catch you on Sunday! I'm really looking forward to talking about Sabbath so be there if you can :-)



irene m said...

Talk about an International Influence to our church.!!!....

wow...its so great to hear about all the various people and groups going all over the nations leaving deposits of God in other peoples well as bringing back something of His diverse flavour.

Great to hear that Zac had some one on one time with you ...being about the "Fathers " business.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is inspiring to read of so much international goings-on from one church...brillant...especially in the Balkans :)