Saturday, August 8, 2009

Willow Leadership Summit - Day 2

My head feels fit to explode after 7 different speakers today - I'm going to need at least a month to process all this :-)
The day started with a guy called Dave Gibbons, an American pastor with Korean ancestry, challenging us to think more relationally in building churches.
Then a Ugandan entrepeneur called Andrew Rugasira who challenged us to think that the solution to Africa's problems were trade not aid - very thought provoking.
Third was undobtedly the most moving session of the day. Wess Stafford who leads Compassion (the child sponsorship charity) told the story of his childhood. We were all in bits by the end. I can't wait for you all to get to see this session.
Next up was David Gergen, who was a presidential aide to four US presidents including Reagan and Clinton. He had fascinating insights into each of their strengths and weaknesses.
He was followed by two brothers called Chip and Dan Heath. They have written a brilliant book called "Making Ideas Stick" which any aspiring preachers need to read, but spoke here on their new book about managing change, both personally and in organisations - I love this sort of stuff :-). Anyone who likes Malcolm Gladwell will want to get a copy of the book and see this session.
Then a recorded interview with Bono who complained that the church had ruined it for him by actually stepping up and getting truly involved in engaging with the issue of Aids - in his words "I didn't know the sleeping giant could run so fast". It was less challenging than when he spoke 3 years ago, and I'd have liked a bit more Bono in the interview as cut into it were stories of what churches and individuals are doing. Still good though, especially reflecting on the journey we've been on in Zambia.
Finally Tony Blair. Good on leadership and the challenges and privileges of being a leader, although it never felt like he really let his guard down.
So an amazing two days and so much to reflect on. If you can possibly make it to a Global Leadership Summit later this year to see all of this on DVD then please can I implore you to do it. Whether your a leader or not you can't fail to have God speak to you through it all.
Back to Wilow tomorrow to choose which talks we show in the UK then home tomorrow. It's raining here so I feel prepared :-)

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